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  • Eighth Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
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Eighth Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
San Juan, Puerto Rico
April 12-April 12
ISBN: 0-7695-0107-9
Table of Contents
Session I: Comparisons of Mapping Heuristics
Haluk Topcuoglu, Syracuse University
Salim Hariri, The University of Arizona
Min-You Wu, University of Central Florida
pp. 3
Tracy D. Braun, Purdue University
Howard Jay Siegel, Purdue University
Noah Beck, Purdue University
Ladislau L. Bölóni, Purdue University
Albert I. Reuther, Purdue University
Mitchell D. Theys, Purdue University
Bin Yao, Purdue University
Richard F. Freund, Purdue University
Muthucumaru Maheswaran, University of Manitoba
Debra Hensgen, Naval Postgraduate School
pp. 15
Session II: Design Tools
Yutaka Ishikawa, Real World Computing Partnership
Atsushi Hori, Real World Computing Partnership
Hiroshi Tezuka, Real World Computing Partnership
Shinji Sumimoto, Real World Computing Partnership
Toshiyuki Takahashi, Real World Computing Partnership
Hiroshi Harada, Real World Computing Partnership
pp. 73
Session III: Modeling and Analysis
Session IV: Task Assignment and Scheduling
Session V: Invited Case Studies
A. Baratloo, New York University
P. Dasgupta, New York University
V. Karamcheti, New York University
Z.M. Kedem, New York University
pp. 169
R. West, Georgia Institute of Technology
R. Krishnamurthy, Georgia Institute of Technology
W. K. Norton, Georgia Institute of Technology
K. Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology
S. Yalamanchili, Georgia Institute of Technology
M. Rosu, Georgia Institute of Technology
V. Sarat, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 199
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