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Proceedings 7th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering. HASE 2002 (2002)
Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 23, 2002 to Oct. 25, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1769-2
Committees (PDF)
pp. xi
Reviewers (PDF)
pp. xiii
Keynote 1
Invited Paper
Invited Paper
Kazuhito Ohmaki , National Research Institutes of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
pp. 37
Carlos Perez Leguizamo , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Aqeel A. Syed , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Kinji Mori , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 43
Erik Geleyn , Florida Atlantic University
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar , Florida Atlantic University
Lofton Bullard , Florida Atlantic University
pp. 51
Invited Paper
Lijun Yin , Southwest Jiaotong University
Qingquan Qian , Southwest Jiaotong University
Yongdong Tan , Southwest Jiaotong University
pp. 63
Tadao Tsurumaki , East Japan Railway Company
Masayuki Matsumoto , East Japan Railway Company
Dai Watanabe , Hitachi, Ltd.
Kinji Mori , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 71
Keisuke Bekki , Hitachi Ltd.
Kinji Mori , Tokyo Institute of Technology
Issei Masumoto , Tokyo Institute of Technology
pp. 79
Fast Abstracts
Keynote 2
Shuichiro Yamanouchi , National Space Development Agency of Japan
pp. 93
Invited Paper
Yunja Choi , University of Minnesota
Mats P.E. Heimdahl , University of Minnesota
pp. 109
David Owen , West Virginia University
Bojan Cukic , West Virginia University
Tim Menzies , West Virginia University
pp. 119
Invited Paper
Masayuki Arai , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Hitoshi Kurosu , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Mamoru Ohara , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Ryo Suzuki , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Satoshi Fukumoto , Tokyo Metropolitan University
Kazuhiko Iwasaki , Tokyo Metropolitan University
pp. 137
Munehiko Fujimoto , Hiroshima City University
Shinji Inoue , Hiroshima City University
Tomoyuki Ohta , Hiroshima City University
pp. 143
Invited Paper
Toshiaki Miyazaki , NTT Network Innovation Laboratories
pp. 151
Kazuki Iwamoto , Hiroshima University
Hiroyuki Okamura , Hiroshima University
Naoto Kaio , Hiroshima Shudo University
pp. 159
Eiichiro Kodama , Iwate Prefectural University
Hiroki Suguri , Communication Technologies
Isao Kaji , Miyagi University
pp. 167
Fast Abstracts
Ray Paul , Department of Defense
Yamin Wang , University of Minnesota
Chun Fan , Arizona State University
Dong Wang , Arizona State University
pp. 171
Ray Paul , Department of Defense
Weiwei Song , Arizona State University
W. T. Tsai , Arizona State University
pp. 173
Keynote 3
K. H. (Kane) Kim , University of California at Irvine
pp. 177
Werner Haas , University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Ulrich Heinkel , Lucent Technologies
pp. 189
Xu Gang , ShangHai Jiaotong University
Zhiming Wu , ShangHai Jiaotong University
pp. 195
Stefan Gossens , University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
pp. 201
Arshad Jhumka , Chalmers University of Technology
Neeraj Suri , Chalmers University of Technology
pp. 211
Pak-Lok Poon , Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sau-Fun Tang , Hong Kong Baptist University
T. H. Tse , University of Hong Kong
Y. T. Yu , City University of Hong Kong
pp. 221
Nejmeddine Tagoug , United Arab Emirates University
pp. 230
Fast Abstracts
Kai- Yuan Cai , Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
T. Y. Chen , Swinburne University of Technology
T. H. Tse , University of Hong Kong
pp. 240
Author Index
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 245
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