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Fifth IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing (GRID'04)
Mobile OGSI.NET: Grid Computing on Mobile Devices
Pittsburgh, PA
November 08-November 08
ISBN: 0-7695-2256-4
David C. Chu, University of California, Berkeley
Marty Humphrey, University of Virginia, Charlottesville
The problem with the Grid is that it does not currently extend completely to devices, because these devices are not viewed as having sufficient capability to be both clients and services. We design, implement and evaluate Mobile OGSI.NET, which extends an implementation of grid computing, OGSI.NET, to mobile devices. Mobile OGSI.NET addresses the mobile devices' resource limitations and intermittent network connectivity, factors which differentiate them from traditional computers. Because Mobile OGSI.NET uniquely supports the hosting of Grid Services on the device, Mobile OGSI.NET is an important step toward making the mobile device a first-class entity in Grids based on OGSI or the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF).
David C. Chu, Marty Humphrey, "Mobile OGSI.NET: Grid Computing on Mobile Devices," grid, pp.182-191, Fifth IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Grid Computing (GRID'04), 2004
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