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25th Euromicro Conference (EUROMICRO '99)-Volume 2
Milan, Italy
September 08-September 10
ISBN: 0-7695-0321-7
Table of Contents
Workshop on Music Technology and Audio Processing
Music Technology and Audio Processing: Rall. or Accel. into the Millennium?
Music Performance Issues
Music Education
Audio Signal Processing
Synthesising Singing Ensemble
Acoustic Modelling
Workshop on Dependable Computing Systems
Two Heads Are Better Than One: Using Diversity to Make Software Dependable
Recovery and Masking Techniques
Future Perspectives and Industrial Practice
Industrial Experience Report
Short Presentations
Workshop on Software Process and Product Improvement
The Law of Requisite Holism Systemic versus Reductionistic versus Complex Thinking
The Software Industry — State of the Art
Successful Software Process Improvements
Tool Support for Development Activities
Object Oriented Approaches
Managing Requirements
Measuring the Software Process
Improving Software Product Quality
Workshop on Multimedia and Telecommunications
The Future of Networking
Multimedia Architectures
Performance Evaluations
Image Processing
Applications and Security
Special Session on Network Computing
Special Session on Network Computing I
Special Session on Network Computing II
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