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Database and Expert Systems Applications, 15th International Workshop on (DEXA'04)
Corporate IT Knowledge Workbench : Case Study
Zaragoza, Spain
August 30-September 03
ISBN: 0-7695-2195-9
Kemal A. Delic, Hewlett-Packard Company
Laurent Douillet, Hewlett-Packard Company
Large corporations typically have a well established, enterprise-wide knowledge management program addressing some specific IT domain or burning enterprise business problem. While choices of the technology, method and organization are pretty straightforward; supplying the enterprise knowledge management system with cheap, reliable, relevant and fresh knowledge remains to be the key challenge for the enterprise KM program. This paper describes an internal, corporate system providing such services for the WiseWare IT KM suite. We outline the general context and follow with an architecture view of the KM Workbench in the second sections. Some rationales and design decisions are given in the third section. We follow with some numerical figures and usage lessons. We are concluding the fifth section with insights and useful advices.
Kemal A. Delic, Laurent Douillet, "Corporate IT Knowledge Workbench : Case Study," dexa, pp.494-497, Database and Expert Systems Applications, 15th International Workshop on (DEXA'04), 2004
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