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Data Compression Conference (DCC '95)
Snowbird, Utah
March 28-March 30
ISBN: 0-8186-7012-6
Summary form only given. This paper presents two approaches to improve the LZFG data compression algorithm. One approach is to introduce a self-adaptive word based scheme to achieve significant improvement for English text compression. The other is to apply a simple move-to-front scheme to further reduce the redundancy within the statistics of copy nodes. The experiments show that an overall improvement is achieved from both approaches. The self-adaptive word-based scheme takes all the consecutive English characters as one word. Any other character in the ASCII codes will be taken as one single word. As an example, the input message '(2+x) is represented by y' can be classified into 9 words. To run the word-based scheme in PATRICIA tree, the data structure is modified.
Index Terms:
word processing; data compression; tree data structures; algorithm theory; adaptive signal processing; ZFG data compression algorithm; self-adaptive word based scheme; English text compression; move-to-front scheme; redundancy; copy nodes; statistics; experiments; English characters; ASCII codes; input message; PATRICIA tree; modified data structure
Jianmin Jiang, "Improving LZFG data compression algorithm," dcc, pp.475, Data Compression Conference (DCC '95), 1995
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