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Data Compression Conference (DCC '95)
Embedded wavelet zerotree coding with direct sum quantization structures
Snowbird, Utah
March 28-March 30
ISBN: 0-8186-7012-6
C.F. Barnes, Georgia Tech. Res. Inst., Atlanta, GA, USA
J.P. Watkins, Georgia Tech. Res. Inst., Atlanta, GA, USA
One of the more effective data compression systems that has been recently proposed is the relatively simple embedded wavelet image coder developed by J.M. Shapiro (1994). Two key components of Shapiro's system are the use of zerotrees to keep track of insignificant subband coefficients and progressive transmission of successive bit planes of significant coefficients. Shapiro's quantization mechanism is the use of scaled successive approximation uniform scalar quantizers. This paper investigates ways of improving the performance of embedded wavelet coders with the use of optimized successive approximation direct sum quantization structures.
Index Terms:
encoding; vector quantisation; wavelet transforms; embedded wavelet zerotree coding; direct sum quantization structures; embedded wavelet image coder; subband coefficients; successive bit planes; quantization mechanism;scaled successive approximation uniform scalar quantizers; performance
C.F. Barnes, J.P. Watkins, "Embedded wavelet zerotree coding with direct sum quantization structures," dcc, pp.252, Data Compression Conference (DCC '95), 1995
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