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Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE '99)
A New Parameterizable Power Macro-Model for Datapath Components
Munich, Germany
March 09-March 12
ISBN: 0-7695-0078-1
Gerd Jochens, OFFIS Research Institute, Oldenburg
Lars Kruse, OFFIS Research Institute, Oldenburg
Eike Schmidt, OFFIS Research Institute, Oldenburg
Wolfgang Nebel, OFFIS Research Institute, Oldenburg
We propose a novel power macro-model which is based on the Hamming-distance of two consecutive input vectors and additional information on the module structure. The model is parameterizable in terms of input bit-widths and can be applied to a wide variety of datapath components. The good trade-off between estimation accuracy, model complexity and flexibility makes the model attractive for power analysis and optimization tasks on a high level of abstraction. Furthermore, a new approach is presented that allows to calculate the average Hamming-distance distribution of an input data stream. It will be demonstrated that the application of Hamming-distance distributions, instead of only average values, improves the estimation accuracy for a number of typical DSP-modules and data streams.
Gerd Jochens, Lars Kruse, Eike Schmidt, Wolfgang Nebel, "A New Parameterizable Power Macro-Model for Datapath Components," date, pp.29, Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE '99), 1999
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