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2008 International Conference on Cyberworlds
3D Real-Time Visualization of Oil Spill on Sea
September 22-September 24
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3381-0
Instantaneous oil spill of the static point source isstudied. The trajectories of the different stages arecalculated by using the respective mathematical models. The fast Fourier transform method based on wave spectrum is developed to simulate the large-scale ocean scene. The particle system is used to implement the oil particle model. The technique of planar refraction map is adopted to render the spilled oil on the sea surface. The method developed in the paper has been successfully applied to simulate an accidental spill in the marine simulator.
Index Terms:
oil spill on sea, 3D real-time visualization, mathematical model, planar refraction map
Ren Hongxiang, Jin Yicheng, "3D Real-Time Visualization of Oil Spill on Sea," cw, pp.487-492, 2008 International Conference on Cyberworlds, 2008
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