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  • First International Symposium on Cyber Worlds (CW'02)
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First International Symposium on Cyber Worlds (CW'02)
November 06-November 08
ISBN: 0-7695-1862-1
Table of Contents
Invited Talks
Session A1: Parallel/Distributed Processing
Session A2: Parallel/Distributed Architectures
Session B1: Software Engineering
Session B2: Intelligent Computing
Session C1: Multimedia Retrieval and Synthesis
Session C2: Multimedia Presentation and Protection
Session C3: Networking and Information Security
Session C4: Network Routing and QoS Control
Session C5: E-Commerce and E-Education
Session C6: Wireless Internet Service and P2P Systems
Session C7: XML Technology and Web System Model
Session C8: Advanced Web Applications and Tools
Session D1: Topological and Parametric Modeling
Session D2: Shape Transformations
Session D3: CG and Computer Art Applications
Session D4: VR Applications
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