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2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering
Role-Activity Diagrams Modeling Based on Workflow Mining
Los Angeles, California USA
March 31-April 02
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3507-4
Role-activity diagram (RAD) is a basic role-oriented process model, but there lacks of an objective role identification method during RAD modeling. By means of the analysis of workflow logs--workflow mining, the ratio of activities performed by actors is used to describe their work. The role is, therefore, identified by regarding actors with similar activities, who undertaking the same responsibility. On the basis of role identification, social network diagrams among actors are analyzed by considering activity dependence between them and their interactions are discussed. In this way, we can get role-activity diagrams. Experiments show that the proposed method is viable.
Index Terms:
workflow model, role-activity diagram, process mining
Weidong Zhao, Weihui Dai, Anhua Wang, Xiaochun Fang, "Role-Activity Diagrams Modeling Based on Workflow Mining," csie, vol. 4, pp.301-305, 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2009
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