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  • 1998
  • 11th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop
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11th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop
Rockport, Massachusetts
June 09-June 11
ISBN: 0-8186-8488-7
Table of Contents
Session 1: Distributed Services:Chair: Li Gong
Session 2: Noninterference:Chair: E.S. Lee
Session 3: Protocol Verification:Chair: Catherine Meadows
Panel 1: Varieties of Authentication:Moderators: R. Gorrieri and P. Syverson
Session 4: Protocol Model Checking:Chair: Jonathan Millen
Session 5: Composition:Chair: Roberto Gorrieri
Session 6: Protocol Logics:Chair: Gavin Lowe
Panel 2: The Security Impact of Distributed Computing Technologies: Moderator: P. Ryan
Session 7: Database and Intrusion Detection:Chair: Robert Morris
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