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10th Computer Security Foundations Workshop (CSFW '97)
Rockport, Massachusetts
June 10-June 12
ISBN: 0-8186-7990-5
Table of Contents
Simon Foley, Program Chair Jonathan Millen, General Chair
Session 1: Protocol Checking in CSP: Chair: Roberto Gorrieri
Session 2: Protocol Engineering:Chair: Paul Syverson
James W. Gray, Hong Kong University of Science and Techology
Kin Fai Epsilon Ip, Hong Kong University of Science and Techology
King-Shan Lui, University of California, Santa Barbara
pp. 45
Session 3: Protocol Verification in Higher Order Logic:Chair: Michael Merritt
Panel 1: Languages for Formal Specification of Security Protocols: Moderator: Catherine Meadows
Session 4: Distributed System Security:Chair: Li Gong
Session 5: Protocol Applications: Chair: Peter Ryan
Jianying Zhou, National University of Singapore
Dieter Gollmann, University of London
pp. 126
Session 6: Information Flow:Chair: Stewart Lee
Panel 2: The Computer Security Foundations Workshop: Ten Years on and Ten Years Ahead
Moderator: Jane Sinclair: Panel Members: L. Gong, J. McLean, J. Millen, P. Ryan
Session 7: Security Policies:Chair: John McLean
Ciaran Bryce, GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology
pp. 195
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