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  • 2000
  • Thirteenth Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training
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Thirteenth Conference on Software Engineering Education & Training
Austin, Texas
March 06-March 08
ISBN: 0-7695-0421-3
Table of Contents
Keynote Address
Panel Session
Paper Session: University/Industry
Ken Abernethy, Furman University
John Kelly, California Institute of Technology
James D. Kiper, Miami University
Ann Sobel, Miami University
pp. 23
Invited Workshop
Robert Dupuis, Coeditors, Guide to the SWEBOK project.
Pierre Bourque, Coeditors, Guide to the SWEBOK project.
pp. 49
SWEBOK and Program Accreditation
SWEBOK and the Software Engineering Education Project
Gregory W. Hislop, Drexel University
Thomas B. Hilburn, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
pp. 51
Ann E.K. Sobel, Miami University
Hossein Saiedian, University of Nebraska At Omaha
Allan Stavely, New Mexico Technical University
Peter Henderson, State University of New York at Stony Brook
pp. 55
Paper Session: Software Engineering Group Work
O.P. Brereton, Keele University
S. Lees, Keele University
R. Bedson, Keele University
C. Boldyreff, University of Durham
S. Drummond, University of Durham
P. Layzell, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
L. Macaulay, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
R. Young, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 76
Paper Session: Software Engineering Methods
Allen Parrish, University of Alabama
Brandon Dixon, University of Alabama
David Hale, University of Alabama
Joanne Hale, University of Alabama
pp. 140
Paper Session: Management/Process
Don Hanlon, Compliance Solutions LLC
Michael Spence, Eastman Chemical Co.
Phil Pfeiffer, East Tennessee State University
pp. 176
Heidi J.C. Ellis, Rensselaer at Hartford
James C. McKim, Rensselaer at Hartford
Houman Younessi, Rensselaer at Hartford
pp. 190
C.J. Harrison, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Majid Naeem, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
pp. 191
Linda L. Werner, University of California at Santa Cruz
pp. 194
A Software Engineering Course that Integrates Education and Research
Software Engineering Curriculum at the University of Deusto
The Maintainability Gap
Formation of a Career-Oriented Curriculum in the University
Domestic Control System STEM POS
Interstel A Seminar Model for Teaching Software Engineering
Software Engineering with Emphasis on Embedded System Design
Net-Centered Software Engineering Skills for the Next Millennium
The Implication of Different Thinking Styles on Software Engineering Education
SUPER: Towards a WWW-Enabled PBL Support Environment for Software Engineering Education
Change Management for Large Software Projects
Building a Next-Generation Infrastructure for Software Engineering Education Support
Paper Session: Curriculum
Edward R. Byrne, Flatland Computer Specialties, Inc. and IEEE CS SESC Management Board
pp. 233
Michael McCracken, Georgia Institute of Technology
Idris Hsi, Georgia Institute of Technology
Heather Richter, Georgia Institute of Technology
Robert Waters, Georgia Institute of Technology
Laura Burkhart, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 246
Gregory W. Hislop, Drexel University
Donald J. Bagert, Texas Technical University
Wendy Doube, Monash University
Jeanne Murtagh, Air Force Institute of Technology
pp. 261
Paper Session: Computer Science/Software Engineering
Susan A. Mengel, Texas Technical University
Locke Carter, Texas Technical University
Joyce Falkenberg, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
pp. 265
Birgit Demuth, Dresden University of Technology
Heinrich Hussmann, Dresden University of Technology
Steffen Zschaler, Dresden University of Technology
Lothar Schmitz, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
pp. 283
Andrew J. Kornecki, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University,
Janusz Zalewski, University of Central Florida
Daniel Eyassu, Lockheed-Martin Information Systems
pp. 294
Mark J. Sebern, Milwaukee School of Engineering
Michael J. Lutz, Rochester Institute of Technology
pp. 305
Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
Daniel Port, University of Southern California
Gail Kaiser, Columbia University
pp. 310
Tutorial Session
Pete Knoke, University of Alaska at Fairbanks
Wendy Doube, Monash University
John Lewis, Villanova University
Ariel Ortiz, ITESM State of Mexico
Alejandro Teruel, Simon Bolivar University
pp. 319
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