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  • 1998
  • 22nd International Computer Software and Application Conference
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22nd International Computer Software and Application Conference
Vienna, Austria
August 17-August 21
ISBN: 0-8186-8585-9
Table of Contents
Session 1: Design Patterns and Frameworks I
Session 2: Panel: Testing Complex Multi-Process of Software Systems
Session 3: Object-Oriented Reengineering
Session 5: Data Management
Session 6: Panel: Directions and Challenges for Middleware Technology
Session 7: Industry Presentation II: Migrating Legacy Systems II
Session 8: High Assurance and Fault Tolerant Systems
Session 9: Software Architecture and Components
Session 10: Transformational Formal Methods
Session 11: Software Quality
Session 12: Software Maintenance
Keynote Address II: Directions and Challenges in Information Security
Session 13: Distributed Object Management / Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Session 14: Panel: Security and the World Wide Web
Session 15: Software Engineering Practices
Session 16: Distributed Systems
Session 17: Design Patterns & Frameworks II
Session 18: Panel: Real-Time Systems
Session 19: Information and Systems Security
Session 20: Industry Presentation III: Building and Evolving Large Systems
Session 21: Formal Specifications
Session 22: Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Session 23: Web Information Management
Session 24: Software Testing and Verification
Keynote Address III: New Information Services for an Integrated Visionary System
Session 25: Reuse and Reengineering for Software Evolution
Session 26: Panel: Euro-Conversion and the Year 2000 Problem
Session 27: Enterprise Computing and Project Management
Session 28: Application Systems
Session 29: Web Data Access for Hypermedia Systems
Session 30: Panel: Component Architectures
Session 31: Scheduling
Session 32: Data Management and Mining
Session 33: Panel: Directions for Software Technology
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