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2012 IEEE Fifth International Conference on Cloud Computing
Service Image Placement for Thin Client in Mobile Cloud Computing
Honolulu, HI, USA USA
June 24-June 29
ISBN: 978-1-4673-2892-0
Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is broadening the market for mobile devices with more and more variety and heavier services by using service images on cloud. With the limitation of battery life time, cpu and memory capacity, etc., mobile device can not adapt with those new services. And remote display solution becomes the key technology to remove the barrier of those limitations in MCC. Due to the scalability, mobility of mobile devices, changing in resource demand or network condition, service images must be managed in the most efficient way. In this paper, we formulate the service image placement problem as an optimization problem by minimizing the cost function that is the combination of composite cost and resource demand. We further propose the algorithms to address the service image placement issue and do simulation to evaluate our proposed algorithms. By the results of experiment, we show that our approach can improve the network traffic and the quality of service than others.
Index Terms:
Silicon,Mobile communication,Time factors,Network topology,Mobile handsets,Switches,Partitioning algorithms,Mobile Cloud Computing,Service Image Placement,VM Placement,Thin Client
Tien-Dung Nguyen, Mui Van Nguyen, Eui-Nam Huh, "Service Image Placement for Thin Client in Mobile Cloud Computing," cloud, pp.416-422, 2012 IEEE Fifth International Conference on Cloud Computing, 2012
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