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2011 26th Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity
San Jose, California USA
June 08-June 11
ISBN: 978-0-7695-4411-3
The following topics are dealt with: computational complexity; improved direct product theorems; branching programs; Max-2Lin hardness; Max-3Lin hardness; query complexity; nonnegatively weighted #CSP; symmetrix LDPC codes; locally testable codes; linear-algebraic list decoding; noise interpolation; Parris-Harrington tautologies; nonuniform ACC circuit lower bounds; affine extractors; affine dispensers; near-optimal inequality violations; explicit bell inequality violations; approximation algorithms; Arthur Merlin games; symmetric Boolean functions; property testing; communication complexity; derandomizing polynomial identity testing; tensor rank; sum of square roots; and finite Abelian groups.
Index Terms:
tensors,approximation theory,Boolean functions,communication complexity,constraint theory,game theory,group theory,interpolation,linear codes,parity check codes,query processing,finite Abelian groups,computational complexity,improved direct product theorems,branching programs,Max-2Lin hardness,Max-3Lin hardness,query complexity,nonnegatively weighted #CSP,symmetrix LDPC codes,locally testable codes,linear-algebraic list decoding,noise interpolation,Parris-Harrington tautologies,nonuniform ACC circuit lower bounds,affine extractors,affine dispensers,near-optimal inequality violations,explicit bell inequality violations,approximation algorithms,Arthur Merlin games,symmetric Boolean functions,property testing,communication complexity,derandomizing polynomial identity testing,tensor rank,sum of square roots
"[Front cover]," ccc, pp.C1, 2011 26th Annual IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity, 2011
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