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  • 1999
  • Fifth International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC'99)
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Fifth International Symposium on Advanced Research in Asynchronous Circuits and Systems (ASYNC'99)
Barcelona, Spain
April 19-April 21
ISBN: 0-7695-0031-5
Table of Contents
Keynote Session I, Chair: Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
The 2000MHz Bug-End of the Millennium of Synchronous Systems?
Session I: Verification Techniques, Chair: John Brzozowski
Session II: Low Power/Noise, Chair: Kees van Berkel
M. Lewis, University of Manchester
J. Garside, University of Manchester
L. Brackenbury, University of Manchester
pp. 27
Alexander Taubin, The University of Aizu
Alex Kondratyev, The University of Aizu
Jordi Cortadella, University Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Luciano Lavagno, Politecnico di Torino
pp. 36
Keynote Session II, Chair: Steve Furber
Exploiting BDDs in Higher Order Logic, with Applications to Asynchronous Circuits
Session III: Microprocessor Design, Chair: Takashi Nanya
AMULET3 Revealed (Abstract)
J. D. Garside, University of Manchester,
S. B. Furber, University of Manchester,
S.-H. Chung, University of Manchester
pp. 51
Shai Rotem, Intel Corporation
Ken Stevens, Intel Corporation
Charles Dike, Intel Corporation
Marly Roncken, Intel Corporation
Boris Agapiev, Intel Corporation
Ran Ginosar, Intel Corporation and Technion
Rakefet Kol, Technion
Peter Beerel, University of Southern California
Chris Myers, University of Utah
Kenneth Yun, University of California at San Diego
pp. 60
D.W. Lloyd, University of Manchester
J.D. Garside, University of Manchester
D.A. Gilbert, University of Manchester
pp. 71
Panel Session
Synchronous/Asynchronous Trade-Offs in Industrial Applications
Session IV: Timing Analysis, Chair: Ran Ginosar
Tod Amon, Southwest Texas State University
Henrik Hulgaard, Technical University of Denmark
pp. 83
Aiguo Xie, University of Southern California
Sangyun Kim, University of Southern California
Peter A. Beerel, University of Southern California
pp. 94
Session V: Synthesis, Chair: Stephen Unger
Rajit Manohar, Cornell University
Tak-Kwan Lee, California Institute of Technology
Alain J. Martin, California Institute of Technology
pp. 125
Session VI: Arbitration, Chair: David Kinniment
Bill Coates, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Jo Ebergen, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Jon Lexau, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Scott Fairbanks, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Ian Jones, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Alex Ridgway, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
David Harris, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Ivan Sutherland, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
pp. 161
Keynote Session III, Chair: Jens Sparsø
Asynchronous Macromodules Were a Pain to Build, but a Joy to Use
Session VII: Pushing the Performance Limit, Chair: Bill Coates
Relative Timing (Abstract)
Ken Stevens, Intel Corporation
Shai Rotem, Intel Corporation
Ran Ginosar, Intel Corporation and Technion
pp. 208
O. Hauck, Darmstadt University of Technology
M. Garg, Darmstadt University of Technology
S.A. Huss, Darmstadt University of Technology
pp. 219
Session VIII: Theory, Chair: Alex Kondratyev
Willem C. Mallon, University of Groningen
Jan Tijmen Udding, University of Groningen
Tom Verhoeff, Eindhoven University of Technology
pp. 231
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