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  • 1998
  • Third Asian Pacific Computer and Human Interaction
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Third Asian Pacific Computer and Human Interaction
Kangawa, Japan
July 15-July 17
ISBN: 0-8186-8347-3
Table of Contents
Invited Talks
Session 1-1: Usability and Modeling
Session 1-2: Multimedia and Hypermedia Applications
Session 1-3: Augmented Reality
Session 2-1: Usability Evaluation
Session 2-2: Education and Applications
Session 2-3: Multimedia and Agent
Session 3-1: Usability and Design
Session 3-2: Communication
Session 3-3: Scripting
Session 4-1: Task Analysis and Collaboration
Session 4-2: 3D Modeling
Session 5-1: Groupware Toolkit and Design
Session 5-2: Mobile Systems
Session 5-3: Multimodal Interface
Session 6-1: Theory and Practice
Session 6-2: Gesture
Session 6-3: World Wide Web
Discussion 1-1: Development
Discussion 1-2: Education Systems
Discussion 1-3: World Wide Web
Discussion 1-4: Interface and Direct Manipulation The Multimedia Interface using "Paper": Ultra Magic Ke
Discussion 2-1: Virtual Reality
Discussion 2-2: Cognitive Modeling and Group Applications
Discussion 2-3: Visualization
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