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  • 31st Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop
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31st Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop
Washington, D.C.
October 16-October 18
ISBN: 0-7695-1863-X
Table of Contents
Keynote Address
Hyperspectral Imaging Applications
Hyperspectral Imagery Modeling
John R. Schott, Rochester Institute of Technology
Kyungsuk Lee, Rochester Institute of Technology
Rolando Raqueno, Rochester Institute of Technology
Gary Hoffmann, Rochester Institute of Technology
pp. 36
Spectral Sensing Industrial Applications
S.W. Sharpe, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
R.L. Sams, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
T.J. Johnson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
pp. 45
Invited Talk
Spectral Sensors
Naomi M. Becker, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Steven Brumby, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nancy A David, Los Alamos National Laboratory
John M. Irvine, Science Applications International Corporation
pp. 71
Hyperion Instruments
Spectral Sensing Medical Applications
David Hattery, National Institutes of Health
Moinuddin Hassan, National Institutes of Health
Stavros Demos, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Amir Gandjbakhche, National Institutes of Health
pp. 124
Law Enforcement and Intelligence Applications of Spectral Sensing
Analysis of Spectral Data
M. W. Matthew, Spectral Sciences, Inc.
S. M. Adler-Golden, Spectral Sciences, Inc.
A. Berk, Spectral Sciences, Inc.
G. Felde, Air Force Research Laboratory
G. P. Anderson, Air Force Research Laboratory
D. Gorodetzky, Research Systems, Inc.
S. Paswaters, Research Systems, Inc.
M. Shippert, Research Systems, Inc.
pp. 157
Compression of Spectral Data
Todd Cushman, Air Force Research Lab
James VanDamme, Air Force Research Lab
James Perretta, Air Force Research Lab
Robert Bonneau, Air Force Research Lab
Mark Barnell, CSC Corporation
pp. 193
Sid Cook, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Joseph Harsanyi, Applied Signal & Image Technology
pp. 200
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