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2012 Agile Conference
Agile Portfolio Management at NYSE
Dallas, TX USA
August 13-August 17
ISBN: 978-1-4673-2622-3
In December of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis when the bottom-line was more important than ever and pressures at their highest, I took an opportunity at NYSE Technologies, a young division with the New York Stock Exchange. The Exchange was becoming less of a financial company and more of a technology firm that provides premiere products and services to players within the financial industry. This division is client-facing with the ambitious goal of being a several billion dollar business within five-to-ten years. In order to be successful I had to tackle several challenges: organizing teams with no process, overcoming the bureaucratic hurdles from NYSE proper, assisting management in determining which greenfield, new, and existing products were worth pursuing/developing, road mapping, measuring ROI and value, and meeting each business unit's revenue goals.
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Marketing and sales,Portfolios,Companies,Measurement,Lead,cost per feature,Portoflio Management,finance,NYSE,Euronext,NYSE Technologies,business value,opportunity cost,cost per point
Gabino M. Roche, Jr., "Agile Portfolio Management at NYSE," adc, pp.117-122, 2012 Agile Conference, 2012
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