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2012 Agile Conference
There and Back Again: From Iterative to Flow ... and Back to Iterative!
Dallas, TX USA
August 13-August 17
ISBN: 978-1-4673-2622-3
Agile processes have been developed and used for a long time now as a guideline for teams to follow when they start a project -- Scrum, eXtreme Programming, Kanban are well known examples. However, as the project evolves, it is natural that, as a response to its peculiarities, the process itself is tailored to satisfy that team's needs. This experience report tells the story of a team that chose to start the project with Scrum, and then gradually and with continuous improvement in mind, deconstructed the process in order to better fit it's context. Then as context changed, some of the decisions were undone, but our experience shows both decisions, removing a practice and bringing it back afterwards, brought benefits to the process given the circumstances that surrounded them.
Index Terms:
Context,Production,Planning,Computer bugs,Software,Companies,Programming,continuous improvement,contextual practices,retrospective,agile,team,development,iterative process
Cecilia Fernandes, "There and Back Again: From Iterative to Flow ... and Back to Iterative!," adc, pp.103-110, 2012 Agile Conference, 2012
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