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IEEE Security & Privacy
Nov.-Dec. 2012 (vol. 10 no. 6)
ISSN: 1540-7993
Table of Contents
From the Editors
Giving Back (HTML)
John Viega, Perimeter E-Security
pp. 3-4
News Briefs
10th Anniversary Exclusive
Guest Editors' Introduction
Dan Thomsen, SIFT, LLC
Jeremy Epstein, SRI International
Peter G. Neumann, SRI International
pp. 17-19
Steven J. Murdoch, University of Cambridge
Mike Bond, University of Cambridge
Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge
pp. 40-44
Fernando Alonso-Fernandez, Halmstad University
Julian Fierrez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Javier Ortega-Garcia, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
pp. 52-62
It All Depends
Privacy Interests
Basic Training
Marco Prandini, University of Bologna, Italy
Marco Ramilli, University of Bologna, Italy
pp. 84-87
Security & Privacy Economics
Folk Security (Abstract)
Rick Wash, Michigan State University
pp. 88-90
Building Security In
For Good Measure
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