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IEEE Security & Privacy
Sept.-Oct. 2012 (vol. 10 no. 5)
ISSN: 1540-7993
Table of Contents
From the Editors
News Briefs
10th Anniversary Exclusive
Ann Cavoukian, Province of Ontario, Canada
Alan Davidson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ed Felton, US Federal Trade Commission
Marit Hansen, Land Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Anna Slomovic, Equifax
pp. 10-15
Guest Editors' Introduction
Michael Shamos, Carnegie Mellon University
Alec Yasinsac, University of South Alabama
pp. 16-17
E-voting Security
Aleksander Essex, Chidlren's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute
Urs Hengartner, University of Waterloo, Canada
pp. 18-24
Richard Buckland, University of New South Wales
Roland Wen, University of New South Wales
pp. 25-32
Philip B. Stark, University of California, Berkeley
David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley
pp. 33-41
Database Search
Mariana Raykova, IBM Research
Ang Cui, Columbia University
Binh Vo, Columbia University
Bin Liu, Columbia University
Tal Malkin, Columbia University
Steven M. Bellovin, Columbia University
Salvatore J. Stolfo, Columbia University
pp. 53-60
It All Depends
Krishna K. Venkatasubramanian, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Eugene Y. Vasserman, Kansas State University
Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania
Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania
pp. 61-63
Matt Bishop, University of California, Davis
Sean Peisert, University of California, Davis
pp. 64-67
On the Horizon
Basic Training
Secure Systems
Security & Privacy Economics
Building Security In
For Good Measure
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