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IEEE Software
January/February 2010 (vol. 27 no. 1)
ISSN: 0740-7459
Table of Contents
From the Editor
The Pragmatic Architect
Career Development
Donald Gotterbarn, East Tennessee State University
Keith W. Miller, University of Illinois at Springfield
pp. 12-13
Michiel van Genuchten, Institut Straumann
Les Hatton, Kingston University
pp. 14-16
FOCUS: Project Management
John Stouby Persson, Aalborg University, Aalborg
Lars Mathiassen, Georgia State University, Atlanta
pp. 20-29
Tony Gorschek, Blekinge Institute of Technology , Ronneby
Samuel Fricker, University of Zurich and ABB Switzerland Ltd., Zurich
Kenneth Palm, DanaherMotion Särö AB, Göteborg
Steven Kunsman, ABB Substation Automation Products , Allentown
pp. 37-45
Neil Maiden, City University London
pp. 46-47
Tools of the Trade
FEATURE: Programming
Stuart Wray, Royal School of Signals Bournemouth University, Blandford
pp. 50-55
Nick Mitchell, IBM Research
Edith Schonberg, IBM Research
Gary Sevitsky, IBM Research
pp. 56-63
Roy Gelbard, Bar-Ilan University , Ramat-Gan
Dov Teéeni, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv
Matti Sade, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv
pp. 64-71
FEATURE: Software Productivity
FEATURE: Skill Sets
Chuck Litecky, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Andrew Aken, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Altaf Ahmad, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
H. James Nelson, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
pp. 78-85
Software Technology
Danny Weyns, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Michael Georgeff, Monash University
pp. 86-91
Reviewer Thanks
On Architecture
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