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IEEE Software
September/October 2009 (vol. 26 no. 5)
ISSN: 0740-7459
Table of Contents
FOCUS 1: End-User Software Engineering
From the Editor
Hakan Erdogmus, National Research Council Canada
pp. 2-4
Voice of Evidence
Tore Dybâ, SINTEF Information and Communication Technology
Torgeir Dingsøyr, SINTEF Information and Communication Technology
pp. 6-9
The Pragmatic Architect
On Architecture
Tools of the Trade
Job Security (Abstract)
Diomidis Spinellis, Athens University of Economics and Business
pp. 14-15
Andrew J. Ko, University of Washington
Robin Abraham, Microsoft
Margaret M. Burnett, Oregon State University
Brad A. Myers, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 16-17
Kevin McDaid, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
Alan Rust, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland
pp. 31-36
Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado at Boulder
Kumiyo Nakakoji, University of Tokyo
Yunwen Ye, Software Research Associates
pp. 37-44
Point/Counterpoint (Abstract)
Janice Singer, National Research Council Canada
Mark Vigder, National Research Council Canada
Judith Segal, Open University
Steven Clarke, Microsoft
pp. 54-57
FOCUS 2: Requirements
25th-Anniversary Top Picks
Michael A. Cusumano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alan MacCormack, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chris F. Kemerer, University of Pittsburgh
William (Bill) Crandall, Hewlett-Packard
pp. 84-87
Software Technology
Andreas Bruns, C1 Workplace Solutions
Andreas Kornstädt, C1 Workplace Solutions
Dennis Wichmann, C1 Workplace Solutions
pp. 88-91
FEATURE: Software Engineering Education
Arthur Pyster, Stevens Institute of Technology
Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology
Devanandham Henry, Stevens Institute of Technology
Kahina Lasfer, Stevens Institute of Technology
Larry Bernstein, Stevens Institute of Technology
pp. 94-101
In Memoriam
John D. Musa (HTML)
William Everett, SPRE (Software Process and Reliability Engineering)
James Cusick, Walters Kluwer
Laurie Williams, North Carolina State University
pp. 102
Loyal Opposition
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