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IEEE Software
November/December 2003 (vol. 20 no. 6)
ISSN: 0740-7459
Table of Contents
From the Editor
In the News
Software Construction
The State of the Practice of Software Engineering
Michael Cusumano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alan MacCormack, Harvard University
Chris F. Kemerer, University of Pittsburgh
Bill Crandall, Hewlett-Packard
pp. 28-34
Marcus Ciolkowski, Kaiserslautern University of Technology
Oliver Laitenberger, Droege & Comp.
Stefan Biffl, Vienna University of Technology
pp. 46-51
Gerald Heller, Hewlett-Packard
Isabel John, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Klaus Schmid, Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
Thomas von der Maßen, University of Aachen
Klaus Müller, Robert Bosch GmbH
pp. 52-60
Bas Graaf, Delft University of Technology
Marco Lormans, Delft University of Technology
Hans Toetenel, Delft University of Technology
pp. 61-69
Richard Baskerville, Georgia State University
Balasubramaniam Ramesh, Georgia State University
Linda Levine, Software Engineering Institute
Jan Pries-Heje, IT University of Copenhagen
Sandra Slaughter, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 70-77
Quality Time
Annual Index
Loyal Opposition
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