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IEEE Pervasive Computing
April-June 2011 (vol. 10 no. 2)
ISSN: 1536-1268
Table of Contents
From the Editor in Chief
Pervasive Health
Innovations in Ubicomp Products
Pervasive Retail
Daniele Quercia, University of Cambridge
Giusy Di Lorenzo, IBM Dublin Research Laboratory
Francesco Calabrese, IBM Dublin Research Laboratory
Carlo Ratti, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 28-36
Chuang-Wen You, Academia Sinica
Chih-Chiang Wei, National Taiwan University
Yi-Ling Chen, Natioal Taiwan University
Hao-hua Chu, Natioal Taiwan University
Ming-Syan Chen, Academia Sinica
pp. 37-43
Works in Progress
Wearable Computing
Andreas Bulling, University of Cambridge and Lancaster University
Daniel Roggen, ETH Zurich
Gerhard Troster, ETH Zurich
pp. 48-57
Location-Based Services
Daniel Taub, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Elmer C. Lupton, Talking Lights LLC
Roderick T. Hinman, Talking Lights LLC
Steven B. Leeb, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Zeisel, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care
Susan Blackler, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care
pp. 68-77
Standards & Emerging Technologies
Education & Training
Experimental Methodology
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