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IEEE Pervasive Computing
October-December 2004 (vol. 3 no. 4)
ISSN: 1536-1268
Table of Contents
Wearable Computing
Theme: First Response
Konrad Lorincz, Harvard University
David J. Malan, Harvard University
Thaddeus R.F. Fulford-Jones, Harvard University
Alan Nawoj, Harvard University
Antony Clavel, Harvard University
Victor Shnayder, Harvard University
Geoffrey Mainland, Harvard University
Matt Welsh, Harvard University
Steve Moulton, Boston University
pp. 16-23
Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
Daniela Rus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Sanjiv Singh, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 24-33
Andrew L. Kun, University of New Hampshire
W. Thomas Miller, University of New Hampshire
William H. Lenharth, University of New Hampshire
pp. 34-41
Kathy J. Liszka, University of Akron
Michael A. Mackin, NASA Glenn Research Center
Michael J. Lichter, NASA Glenn Research Center
David W. York, NASA Glenn Research Center
David S. Rosenbaum, Case Western Reserve University
pp. 42-49
Matthai Philipose, Intel Research Seattle
Kenneth P. Fishkin, Intel Research Seattle
Mike Perkowitz, Intel Research Seattle
Donald J. Patterson, University of Washington
Dieter Fox, University of Washington
Henry Kautz, University of Washington
Dirk Hahnel, University of Freiburg
pp. 50-57
Patrick Peursum, Curtin University of Technology
Svetha Venkatesh, Curtin University of Technology
Geoff A.W. West, Curtin University of Technology
Hung Hai Bui, SRI International
pp. 58-65
Tao Gu, National University of Singapore
Hung Keng Pung, National University of Singapore
Da Qing Zhang, Institute for Infocomm Research
pp. 66-74
Standards & Emerging Technologies
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