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IEEE Pervasive Computing
January-March 2004 (vol. 3 no. 1)
ISSN: 1536-1268
Table of Contents
From the Editor in Chief
New Products
New Products (Abstract)
pp. 9-10
Theme: Art, Design & Entertainment
Steve Benford, University of Nottingham
Nigel Davies, University of Arizona and Lancaster University
Bill Gaver, Royal College of Art
pp. 12-13
Phoebe Sengers, Cornell University
Joseph Kaye, Cornell University
Kirsten Boehner, Cornell University
Jeremiah Fairbank, Cornell University
Geri Gay, Cornell University
Yevgeniy Medynskiy, Cornell University
Susan Wyche, Cornell University
pp. 14-21
Ianus Keller, Delft University of Technology
Wouter van der Hoog, Delft University of Technology
Pieter Jan Stappers, Delft University of Technology
pp. 22-28
Works in Progress
Nuno Correia, New University of Lisbon
Lu? Romero, New University of Lisbon
Jorge Santiago, New University of Lisbon
Kalle Jegers, Ume?times; University, Sweden
Mikael Wiberg, Ume?times; University, Sweden
Eric Paulos, Intel Research
Robert Wechsler, Palindrome Performance Group
Frieder Weiss, Palindrome Performance Group
Duncan McCaffery, Lancaster University, UK
Joe Finney, Lancaster University, UK
Stefan Schmid, Lancaster University, UK
Andrew Scott, Lancaster University, UK
Simon Lock, Lancaster University, UK
Jennifer G. Sheridan, Lancaster University, UK
Adam T. Lindsay, Lancaster University, UK
Stewart Kember, Lancaster University, UK
Peter Phillips, Lancaster University, UK
Jen Allanson, Liverpool John Moores University
pp. 35-37
Theme: Sensor & Actuator Networks
Eric Klavins, University of Washington
Richard M. Murray, California Institute of Technology
pp. 56-65
Peter Schramm, University of Dortmund
Edwin Naroska, University of Dortmund
Peter Resch, University of Dortmund
J? Platte, University of Dortmund
Holger Linde, University of Dortmund
Guido Stromberg, Infineon Technologies
Thomas Sturm, Infineon Technologies
pp. 66-74
Standards, Tools & Best Practices
Yasuto Nakanishi, University of Electro-Communications
Kazunari Takahashi, University of Electro-Communications
Takayuki Tsuji, University of Electro-Communications
Katsuya Hakozaki, University of Electro-Communications
pp. 82-88
Education & Training
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