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IEEE Multimedia
July-September 2008 (vol. 15 no. 3)
ISSN: 1070-986X
Table of Contents
Media Vision
The All-in-One Box (Abstract)
Forouzan Golshani, California State University, Long Beach
pp. 1
Art Beat
Artful Media
Upcoming Events
Collaborative Tagging
Qingfeng Li, University of Southern California
Stephen C-Y. Lu, University of Southern California
pp. 14-21
Daisuke Yamamoto, Nagoya University
Tomoki Masuda, Nagoya University
Shigeki Ohira, Nagoya University
Katashi Nagao, Nagoya University
pp. 22-32
Educational Multimedia
Gerald Friedland, International Computer Science Institute
Wolfgang Hürst, Utrecht University
Lars Knipping, Berlin University of Technology
pp. 54-56
Fleming Lampi, University of Mannheim, Germany
Stephan Kopf, University of Mannheim, Germany
Manuel Benz, University of Mannheim, Germany
Wolfgang Effelsberg, University of Mannheim, Germany
pp. 58-61
Lisa Anthony, Carnegie Mellon University
Jie Yang, Carnegie Mellon University
Kenneth R. Koedinger, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 64-68
Ye Wang, National University of Singapore
Bingjun Zhang, National University of Singapore
pp. 70-74
Multimedia at Work
New Products
New Products (Abstract)
Farshad Fotouhi, Wayne State University
pp. 88-89
Media Impact
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