APRIL-JUNE 1997 (Vol. 4, No. 2) p. C3
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Published by the IEEE Computer Society
Upcoming Events
Computer Graphics Int'l 97, Virtual Environments and Multimedia on Networks and the Internet
June 23-27, 1997
Hasselt, Belgium
Sponsored by the Computer Graphics Society, this conference will cover topics such as computer graphics, multimedia, networking, virtual reality, and the Internet. For more information visit http://www.edm.luc.ac.be/cgi97/.
Int'l Conf. on Information Visualization 97
August 27-29, 1997
London, England
This conference is organized by the GraphicsLink Association and supported by the Visualization Graphics Research Unit of the School of Computing at South Bank University. This event will focus on practical and industrial applications, education, and new research and developments of visualization. For more information contact E. Banissi, Visualization and Graphics Research Unit, South Bank University, 103 Borough Road, London, SE1 0AA, UK, e-mail banisse@sbu.ac.uk.
IT Forum 97
September 15-18, 1997
New York, N.Y.
This event will combine the Unix plus Windows NT conference with the DB/Expo and I 2 conferences and will cover topics such as systems, networking, Internet and intranet infrastructures, databases, client-server and Web application development, and data warehousing. For more information visit http://www.itforum.com.
Int'l Symp. on Voice, Video, and Data Communications
November 2-7, 1997
Dallas, Texas
Sponsored by SPIE, this symposium covers multimedia terminals and systems, broadband access and networking technologies, multimedia-wave and optical wireless, and optical transmission engineering. For more information visit http://www.spie.org/info/vv97.html.
Globecom 97
November 4-8, 1997
Phoenix, Arizona
Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Phoenix Section, this conference will present more than 300 papers about telecommunications research, developments, and applications. Leading experts will discuss the Internet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, broadband, PCS, computer and telephony integration, and cable TV and telephony convergence. For more information visit http://globecom97.agcs.com.