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  3rd Int'l Conference on Multimedia Modeling  
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Visualization '96
October 27-November 1, 1996
San Francisco, California
Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Graphics in cooperation with ACM Siggraph. Early registration closes October 4. Get complete, up-to-date listings of program information from http://www.erc.msstate.edu/vis96, http://davinci.informatik.uni-kl.de:8000/Vis96, or FTP server ftp.erc.msstate.edu, directory vis96. For further information, contact Nancy Johnston, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, (510) 486-5093, e-mail nejohnston@lbl.gov.
3rd Int'l Conference on Multimedia Modeling
November 12-15, 1996
Toulouse, France
MMM 96 is organized by the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Constructions Aeronautiques and the Laboratoire d'Architecture et d'Analyse des Systemes du CNRS. It covers aspects of multimedia modeling from multimedia networking to virtual worlds. For more information, contact Laurent Dairaine, Dept. informatique et mathématiques ENSICA, 1, place Emile Blouin, 31056 Toulouse Cedex, France, 33 61 58 75 78, fax 33 61 58 75 95, http://www.ensica.fr/~dairaine.
Compugraphics 96
December 15-19, 1996
Paris, France
With cooperation from the Computer Graphics Society, IEEE Computer Society (pending), and International Society for Geometry and Graphics, lectures, tutorials, and papers will focus on visualization and graphics on the World Wide Web. To register, contact Grasp—Compugraphics 96, c/o Harold P. Santo, P.O. Box 4076, Massama, 2745 Queluz, Portugal, fax 351 (1) 439-2571, e-mail grasp@ip.pt.