Winter 1995 (Vol. 2, No. 4) p. C3
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Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems
February 1-3, 1996
San Jose, California
To learn more about the Fourth International Workshop, contact Xiaodong Zhang, High-Performance Computing Lab, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78249, e-mail
March 5-7, 1996
San Francisco, California
This conference on interactive digital industries features four tracks: technology, developer, publishing and distribution, and corporate. Contact Intermedia customer service, 383 Main Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851, (203) 840-5634, fax (203) 840-9634.
Multimedia Japan
March 18-20, 1996
Yokohama, Japan
For information on this International Symposium on Multimedia Systems, contact Hideyuki Tokuda, Keio University, 5322 Endoh, Fujisawa, Japan 252, 81 (466) 47-50-00 ext. 3339, fax 81 (466) 47-08-35, e-mail
Multimedia Technology and Applications
March 29-30, 1996
Irvine, California
The Orange County chapters of the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society sponsor this conference that examines the applications made possible by multimedia technologies. Contact R.D. Nelson, MTAC 96, S2225 Engineering Gateway, University of California, Irvine, CA 92717-2625.
Advances in Digital Libraries
May 13-15, 1996
Washington, D.C.
To learn more about this Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries, contact Nabil Adam, Rutgers University, 180 University Ave., Newark, NJ 07102, (201) 648-5239, fax (201) 648-5003, e-mail
Multimedia Computing and Systems
June 17-23, 1996
Hiroshima, Japan
For information on this international conference, contact Scott M. Stevens, Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, (412) 268-7796, fax (412) 268-5758, e-mail
August 4-9, 1996
New Orleans, Louisiana
ACM sponsors this 23rd international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Contact Siggraph 96 Conference Manager, 401 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 321-6830, fax (312) 231-6876, e-mail
August 26-30, 1996
Futuroscope Poitiers, France
This conference will follow three tracks: computer graphics, virtual reality, and graphics highways. Contact EG 96, INRIA Rocquencourt, Relations Exterieures, BP 105, 78153 Le Chesnay Cedex, France, 33 (1) 39-63-56-00, fax 33 (1) 39-63-56-38, e-mail, http://www-syntim.