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Tianhe-1A Interconnect and Message-Passing Services
January/February 2012 (vol. 32 no. 1)
pp. 8-20
Min Xie, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
Yutong Lu, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
Kefei Wang, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
Lu Liu, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
Hongjia Cao, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
Xuejun Yang, Nat. Univ. of Defense Technol., Changsha, China
The petascale supercomputer Tianhe-1A, which features hybrid multicore CPU and GPU computing, achieves an optimized balance of computation and communication capabilities through a proprietary high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnect fabric. The authors' message-passing service, based on scalable user-level communication and offloaded operations for large-scale, low-latency collective communication, has achieved a unidirectional bandwidth of 6,340 Mbytes/s.

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Index Terms:
Optical switches,Protocols,Message passing,Software,Radiation detectors,GPU,MPI,collective communication,user-level communication,TianHe-1A,supercomputer,CPU
Min Xie, Yutong Lu, Kefei Wang, Lu Liu, Hongjia Cao, Xuejun Yang, "Tianhe-1A Interconnect and Message-Passing Services," IEEE Micro, vol. 32, no. 1, pp. 8-20, Jan.-Feb. 2012, doi:10.1109/MM.2011.97
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