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StrongARMing Portable Communications
March/April 1998 (vol. 18 no. 2)
pp. 48-55
The StrongARM SA-1100 is an integrated microprocessor designed for use in portable, battery powered applications. Intended for the new breed of handheld devices, such as wallet PCs, smartphones and subnotebooks, the SA-1100 integrates a variety of peripheral functions commonly relegated to ASIC devices onto a single chip. In a die size of 75 mm2, the SA-1100 incorporates the SA-1 core, a 16k Icache, an 8k dcache, a memory controller, PCMCIA support, timers (including a real-time clock), 28 general-purpose I/Os, an interrupt controller, a DMA controller, and clocking and power management controller along with an LCD contoller and eight serial controllers. The SA-1100 delivers an estimated 230 Dhrystone MIPs at 200 MHz and consumes 250 mW in typical operation. During its low-power sleep mode, it draws a maximum of 50 uA.
Index Terms:
microprocessors, portables, SA-110, handhelds, low power
Tim Litch, Jeff Slaton, "StrongARMing Portable Communications," IEEE Micro, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 48-55, March-April 1998, doi:10.1109/40.671402
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