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IT Professional
Jan.-Feb. 2014 (vol. 16 no. 1)
ISSN: 1520-9202
Table of Contents
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Table of Contents
From the Editors
San Murugesan, BRITE Professional Services, Australia
pp. 2-4
IT Trends
Data Analytics
Guest Editors' Introduction
Linda Wilbanks, US Department of Education
Rick Kuhn, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Wes Chou, US Department of Defense
pp. 20-21
IT Risks
Torgeir Dingsoyr, SINTEF, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Darja Smite, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
pp. 22-29
House Advertisement
Charlene Chuck Walrad, Davenport Consulting
Mark Lane, PNM Resources
Wallk Jeffrey, The Value Enablement Group
Donald V. Hirst, OASIS Eugene
pp. 42-49
Mobile Computing
Claudia Barberis, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Bottino Andrea, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Malnati Giovanni, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Montuschi Paolo, Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
pp. 50-57
IT in Emerging Markets
G. Venkatesh, Sasken Communication Technologies, India
V. Sridhar, Sasken Communication Technologies, India
pp. 58-61
CIO Corner
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