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E-Discovery: Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks during Litigation
July/August 2008 (vol. 10 no. 4)
pp. 20-25
Faith M. Heikkila, Pivot Group
When producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to lawsuits, businesses face several security risks as well as legal requirements they must satisfy. Customized document management programs and e-discovery policies are key tools in protecting against inadvertent disclosure as well as meeting business and legal needs.

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Index Terms:
electronically stored information, ESI, legal issues, IT, information technology, information security, information storage and retrieval, unauthorized access
Faith M. Heikkila, "E-Discovery: Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks during Litigation," IT Professional, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 20-25, July-Aug. 2008, doi:10.1109/MITP.2008.67
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