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IEEE Internet Computing
January/February 2010 (vol. 14 no. 1)
ISSN: 1089-7801
Table of Contents
All Systems Go
News & Trends
Guest Editors' Introduction
Munindar P. Singh, North Carolina State University
pp. 10-11
Deborah Estrin, University of California, Los Angeles
K. Mani Chandy, California Institute of Technology
R. Michael Young, North Carolina State University
Larry Smarr, University of California, San Diego
Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota
David Clark, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Viviane Reding, Information Society and Media
Toru Ishida, Kyoto University
Sharad Sharma, Canaan Partners
Urs Hölzle, Google
Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Alliance
Chip Elliott, Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI)
pp. 12-42
Web Extra: View Supplemental Material
Internet of Things Track
Gerd Kortuem, University of Lancaster,
Fahim Kawsar, Waseda University Lancaster University , Tokyo Lancaster
Vasughi Sundramoorthy, Lancaster University, Lancaster
Daniel Fitton, Lancaster University Lancaster University, Lancaster Lancaster
pp. 44-51
Marko Vujasinovic, University of Belgrade
Nenad Ivezic, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Edward Barkmeyer, US National Institute of Standards and Technology
Michele Missikoff, University of Rome La Sapienza
Francesco Taglino, University of Rome La Sapienza
Zoran Marjanovic, University of Belgrade
Igor Miletic, University of Belgrade
pp. 52-63
Network Security
Joshua Bell, Linden Research
David Levine, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 73-77
Web-Scale Workflow
M. Brian Blake, University of Notre Dame
Wei Tan, University of Chicago
Florian Rosenberg, CSIRO ICT Centre
pp. 78-82
Practical Security
Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin
pp. 84-87
Semantics & Services
Charles Petrie, Stanford University
pp. 92-96
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