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IEEE Internet Computing
January/February 2006 (vol. 10 no. 1)
ISSN: 1089-7801
Table of Contents
Reviewer Thanks
News & Trends
Asynchronous Middleware and Services
Tevfik Bultan, University of California, Santa Barbara
Jianwen Su, University of California, Santa Barbara
Xiang Fu, Georgia Southwestern State University
pp. 18-25
Savas Parastatidis, University of Newcastle
Simon Woodman, University of Newcastle
Jim Webber, ThoughtWorks
Dean Kuo, CSIRO Information and Communication Technology Centre
Paul Greenfield, CSIRO Information and Communication Technology Centre
pp. 26-39
Greg Eisenhauer, Georgia Institute of Technology
Karsten Schwan, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fabi? Bustamante, Northwestern University
pp. 40-47
Ludger Fiege, Darmstadt University of Technology
Mariano Cilia, Darmstadt University of Technology
Gero M?, Darmstadt University of Technology
Alejandro Buchmann, Darmstadt University of Technology
pp. 48-55
Philippe Lalanda, Grenoble University
Luc Bellissard, ScalAgent Distributed Technologies
Roland Balter, ScalAgent Distributed Technologies
pp. 56-64
Public Policy Technology Track
On the Wire
Glenn Carl, Pennsylvania State University
George Kesidis, Pennsylvania State University
Richard R. Brooks, Clemson University
Suresh Rai, Louisiana State University
pp. 82-89
Toward Integration
Peer to Peer
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