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Modeling and Designing Processes in E-Commerce Applications
January/February 2004 (vol. 8 no. 1)
pp. 19-27
Hans Albrecht Schmid, University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz, Germany
Gustavo Rossi, National University of La Plata, Argentina

State-of-the-art Web applications embody hypermedia-based navigation as well as business processes. However, all mature Web application design methods focus on hypermedia-based navigation and neglect business processes treating them as a kind of navigation. The consequences are design problems, usability problems and erroneous results of business process execution. As a remedy, the modeling and design of Web applications needs to acknowledge that business processes are different from navigation. Therefore, we introduce business processes as ?first class citizens? in the modeling and design of Web applications, and describe their characteristics. As a concrete example, we extend the Object-Oriented Hypermedia Design Method (OOHDM) by processes so that it allows a clear specification and easy design of Web applications embodying business processes.

Index Terms:
Web applications, Web application design, business processes, navigation, hypermedia
Hans Albrecht Schmid, Gustavo Rossi, "Modeling and Designing Processes in E-Commerce Applications," IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 19-27, Jan.-Feb. 2004, doi:10.1109/MIC.2004.1260699
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