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IEEE Intelligent Systems
Jan.-Feb. 2014 (vol. 29 no. 1)
ISSN: 1541-1672
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Guest Editor's Introduction
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Description Logics (Abstract)
Markus Krotzsch, Dresden University of Technology
Ian Horrocks, Oxford University
pp. 12-19
Bernhard Beckert, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Reiner Hahnle, Technische Universität Darmstadt
pp. 20-29
Gerhard Brewka, Leipzig University
Sylwia Polberg, Vienna University of Technology
Stefan Woltran, Vienna University of Technology
pp. 30-38
Smart Structures
Dong-Xu Li, National University of Defense Technology, China
Rui Xu, National University of Defense Technology, China
pp. 40-46
Real-Time Machine Learning
Smart Grid Simulation
Luis Gomes, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Pedro Faria, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Hugo Morais, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Zita Vale, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
Carlos Ramos, Polytechnic Institute of Porto
pp. 56-65
Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
Dong-Hoon Shin, Arizona State University
Shibo He, Arizona State University
Junshan Zhang, Arizona State University
pp. 66-69
Web Science
John Domingue, The Open University
Mathieu d'Aquin, The Open University
Elena Simperl, University of Southampton
Alexander Mikroyannidis, The Open University
pp. 70-74
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Francisco C. Pereira, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
Ana L.C. Bazzan, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Moshe Ben-Akiva, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 76-80
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