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Logic Mapping in Crossbar-Based Nanoarchitectures
January/February 2009 (vol. 26 no. 1)
pp. 68-77
Wenjing Rao, University of Illinois at Chicago
Alex Orailoglu, University of California, San Diego
Ramesh Karri, Polytechnic University of NYU
This article presents a mathematical model and algorithm that address the problem of logic function mapping in a nanoelectronic environment. Enhancement techniques improve the algorithm's runtime by significantly cutting down on unnecessary backtracking processes.

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Index Terms:
nanoelectronic system, crossbar, defect tolerance, reliability, logic synthesis, bipartite graph, logic function mapping, two-level logic, nanofabric
Wenjing Rao, Alex Orailoglu, Ramesh Karri, "Logic Mapping in Crossbar-Based Nanoarchitectures," IEEE Design & Test of Computers, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 68-77, Jan.-Feb. 2009, doi:10.1109/MDT.2009.14
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