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Core Design and System-on-a-Chip Integration
October-December 1997 (vol. 14 no. 4)
pp. 26-35
IBM's experience with core based designs and the methodology support required for system on a chip (SOC) designs is discussed. An overview of the different styles of SOC designs used in the industry today, the tradeoffs made when cores were designed, the ASIC design process used, and a prototype hardware software cosimulation system developed for the IBM PowerPC (tm) core are also described. Actual SOC designs created using these methods and implemented in a 0.36 micron technology will be referenced to illustrate specific points. The designs include two ASICs with embedded peripheral component interface (PCI) cores, an ASIC containing both an embedded PowerPC microprocessor and a mixed signal memory controller core, and an ASIC containing a RAMDAC core.
Index Terms:
System on a chip, design environments, core-based design
Ann Marie Rincon, Cory Cherichetti, James A. Monzel, David R. Stauffer, Michael T. Trick, "Core Design and System-on-a-Chip Integration," IEEE Design & Test of Computers, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 26-35, Oct.-Dec. 1997, doi:10.1109/54.632878
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