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3D Face Visualization Using Grid Light
March/April 2008 (vol. 10 no. 2)
pp. 48-54
Lei Shi, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Xin Yang, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Hailang Pan, Shanghai Jiaotong University
The authors present an algorithm that helps create a 3D face visualization from two 2D images. Unlike most current systems, their approach uses an incandescent light system instead of lasers.

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Index Terms:
anatomic rendering, visualization, 3D face reconstruction, grid light, watershed algorithms, stereo
Lei Shi, Xin Yang, Hailang Pan, "3D Face Visualization Using Grid Light," Computing in Science and Engineering, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 48-54, March-April 2008, doi:10.1109/MCSE.2008.44
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