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Computing in Science and Engineering
July/August 2007 (vol. 9 no. 4)
ISSN: 1521-9615
Table of Contents
The First Word
Letters To The Editor
International Polar Year
Howard E. Epstein, University of Virginia
Jed O. Kaplan, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research
Heike Lischke, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow, and Landscape Research
Qin Yu, University of Virginia
pp. 12-23
Open Source Education
Algorithms For Visualization
Resource Management
Michael M. Fuller, University of Tennessee
Dali Wang, University of Tennessee
Louis J. Gross, University of Tennessee
Michael W. Berry, University of Tennessee
pp. 40-48
Problem-Solving Environments
Trevor Cickovski, University of Notre Dame
Kedar Aras, University of Notre Dame
Maciej Swat, Indiana University
Roeland M.H. Merks, Flanders Institute for Biotechnology and Ghent University
Tilmann Glimm, Western Washington University
H. George E. Hentschel, Emory University
Mark S. Alber, University of Notre Dame
James A. Glazier, Indiana University
Stuart A. Newman, New York Medical College
Jesus A. Izaguirre, University of Notre Dame
pp. 50-60
Technical Note
Café Dubois
At Issue
Why Fortran? (Abstract)
Viktor K. Decyk, University of California, Los Angeles
Charles D. Norton, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Henry J. Gardner, Australian National University
pp. 68-71
Scientific Programming
Computer Simulations
Visualization Corner
The Last Word
Charles Day, American Institute of Physics
pp. 96
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