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Computing in Science and Engineering
May/June 2004 (vol. 6 no. 3)
ISSN: 1521-9615
Table of Contents
From the Editors
Technology News & Reviews
Frontiers of Simulation, Part II
C.L. Winter, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Everett P. Springer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keeley Costigan, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Patricia Fasel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sue Mniewski, Los Alamos National Laboratory
George Zyvoloski, Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 18-26
Rainald L?hner, George Mason University
Juan Cebral, George Mason University
Chi Yang, George Mason University
Joseph D. Baum, Science Applications International Corporation
Eric Mestreau, Science Applications International Corporation
Charles Charman, General Atomics
Daniele Pelessone, Engineering and Software Systems Solutions
pp. 27-37
Ricardo Cortez, Tulane University
Lisa Fauci, Tulane University
Nathaniel Cowen, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Robert Dillon, Washington State University
pp. 38-45
Galen R. Gisler, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Robert P. Weaver, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Charles L. Mader, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Michael L. Gittings, Science Applications International
pp. 46-55
Computing Prescriptions
Eugenio Roanes-Lozano, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Eugenio Roanes-Mac?as, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Luis M. Laita, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
pp. 56-60
Visualization Corner
Your Homework Assignment
Computer Simulations
Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Jorge S. S? Martins, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Paulo Murilo C. de Oliveira, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Karen Luz-Burgoa, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Armando Ticona, Universidade Federal Fluminense
Thadeu J.P. Penna, Universidade Federal Fluminense
pp. 74-81
Guy Ashkenazi, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ronnie Kosloff, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
pp. 82-86
Scientific Programming
Glenn Downing, University of Texas
Paul F. Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Teresa Cottom, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
pp. 87-96
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