• CiSE
  • 2003
  • Issue No. 6 - November/December
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Computing in Science and Engineering
November/December 2003 (vol. 5 no. 6)
ISSN: 1521-9615
Table of Contents
From the Editors
Technology News and Reviews
Computing in Optics
Martin Schweiger, University College London
Adam Gibson, University College London
Simon R. Arridge, University College London
pp. 33-41
E. Keith Hege, MKS Imaging Technology
Stuart M. Jefferies, Maui Scientific Research Center
Michael Lloyd-Hart, University of Arizona
pp. 42-51
Feature Article
Jacob Kogan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Charles Nicholas, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Vladimir Volkovich, Ort Braude Academic College
pp. 52-59
Your Homework Assignment
Scientific Programming
Computer Simulations
2003 Annual Index
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