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Large Multidimensional Data Visualization for Materials Science
March/April 2003 (vol. 5 no. 2)
pp. 26-33
Ashish Sharma, University of Southern California
Rajiv K. Kalia, University of Southern California
Aiichiro Nakano, University of Southern California
Priya Vashishta, University of Southern California

How does a crack propagate in a composite material? How does a high-speed projectile interact with its target? And how can we use this knowledge to make materials with high fracture toughness and impact damage resistance? Materials science poses such questions, which can be answered by simulating materials on supercomputers and analyzing their properties. Scientific visualization has emerged as an excellent tool in this analysis, and applications have been developed that allow the exploration of very large, multidimensional data sets from materials simulations in an immersive and interactive environment.

Index Terms:
High-dimensional data, materials science, crack propagation
Ashish Sharma, Rajiv K. Kalia, Aiichiro Nakano, Priya Vashishta, "Large Multidimensional Data Visualization for Materials Science," Computing in Science and Engineering, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 26-33, March-April 2003, doi:10.1109/MCISE.2003.1182959
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