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Experiences inside the Ubiquitous Oulu Smart City
June 2011 (vol. 44 no. 6)
pp. 48-55
Felipe Gil-Castineira, University of Vigo, Spain
Enrique Costa-Montenegro, University of Vigo, Spain
Francisco J. Gonzalez-Castano, University of Vigo, Spain
Cristina Lopez-Bravo, University of Vigo, Spain
Timo Ojala, University of Oulu , Oulu
Raja Bose, Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto
The UrBan Interactions (UBI) research program, coordinated by the University of Oulu, has created a middleware layer on top of the panOULU wireless network and opened it up to ubiquitous-computing researchers, offering opportunities to enhance and facilitate communication between citizens and the government.

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Index Terms:
Ubiquitous computing, Location-dependent and -sensitive mobile applications, Pervasive computing, Human-centered computing, Public networks, Distributed applications, Smart cities
Felipe Gil-Castineira, Enrique Costa-Montenegro, Francisco J. Gonzalez-Castano, Cristina Lopez-Bravo, Timo Ojala, Raja Bose, "Experiences inside the Ubiquitous Oulu Smart City," Computer, vol. 44, no. 6, pp. 48-55, June 2011, doi:10.1109/MC.2011.132
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